Op HH Executive Council

Captain Robert Silah, USN (Ret), Chairman
Captain Donald Dvornik, USN (Ret), Public Relations
Lieutenant Colonel Jim Griffin, USA (Ret), Grants
CWO Thomas South, USA (Ret) Special Projects
CWO Bill Farrow, USA (Ret)
Mr. Bill Szydlowski, Treasurer

Op HH Advisory Council

Ms. Vivian Reeves
Mr. Don Lau
Brigadier General Thomas Bowen, MD, USA (Ret)
Admiral Eric Olson, USN
Vice Admiral David Nichols, USN (Ret)
Vice Admiral Joseph Maguire, USN (Ret)
Lieutenant General John Allen, USMC
Major General Gene Deegan, USMC (Ret)
MGySgt Sally Strickland, USMC (Ret)
Rear Admiral Bill Merlin, USCG (Ret)
Colonel Lenny Richoux, USAF
Major General Ernie Bedke, USAF (Ret)
Brigadier General Tanker Snyder USAF (Ret)

Op HH Committee

Shirley and Colonel Ron Buchert, USAF (Ret)
Barbara and Commander Stan Ewanowski, USN (Ret)
Nancy Freeman
Michelle Isles
Susan Layden
Sherry and Bob Markee
Sean, Dick and Karla Nielsen
Ben Ritter
Lieutenant Colonel Bob Sawallesh, USA (Ret)
Nicky and Lieutenant Colonel Dick Siegman, USAF (Ret)
Amber Smith
Jennie and SSG Steve Terry, FLANG

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